Monday, April 30, 2007



The deadline for participating in Needtovent's amazing One-Liner Contest is rapidly approaching. As you know, all entries must be posted by midnight CDT, Saturday, May 5th. There will be no exceptions.

Let us repeat: There will be no exceptions although we have received dozens of formal requests to extend this deadline from a number of prestigious think tanks including:

American Enterprise Institute -- Washington, D.C.
Heritage Foundation -- Washington, D.C.
Instytut Spraw Publicznych -- Poland
Instituto Liberdade -- Brazil
Savantas Policy Institute -- Hong Kong

Joining these internationally renowned organizations are two local centers for research and analysis: The Binkley Foundation of Bulverde and the New Braunfels Schutzenvereine. (Unlike the five think tanks listed above, these are actually located in the United States.)

Apparently three-plus weeks is not enough time for any of these pandering policy pundits to come up with anything original or appropriate or, especially, thought-provoking. Alas, this is nothing new.

Remember, there is still time for you to send in your one-liner. Time is running short, however, so be sure to send in your entries as soon as you can. Dorothy would expect nothing less...