Thursday, September 6, 2012


(This will be short and to the point -- two things you will not find in 2016: OBAMA'S AMERICA)

Indian Producer/Director Dinesh D'Souza has managed to create a brand new motion picture genre.  Let's call it "BOLLOCKSWOOD."  While one would not expect a documentary of this type to change the opinion of hard core Democrats or Republicans, I am sure that Mr. D'Souza intended to at least influence those who are Undecided and/or Independents.  Alas, for anyone sitting on the fence, he simply comes across as a post turtle and nothing more.  Let me add that the film fails to paint any kind of specific, lucid picture of what 2016 might actually be like if Barack Obama were to be elected.  Instead, I believe the only reference point within the title is the interminable running time -- once the end credits appeared I honestly believed 2016 had already arrived.