Tuesday, May 15, 2007


First it was the Graf Zeppelin. Then the Hindenburg. Now we have the Limbaugh.

News (real and imagined) travels slowly in the Texas Deutchland. And so the teletype machine at the Needtovent Intergalactic Headquarters just now delivered the incredulous news that "Fat Man" Rush Limbaugh nominated himself for the Nobel Peace Prize. Even the residents of Nagasaki are laughing at this gaseous gaffe of global gamesmanship.

Technically, it was the Landmark Legal Foundation who sent the letter to the Norwegian Parliament on Rush's behalf, declaring this pompous pontificating popinjay to be "the foremost advocate of freedom and democracy in the world today." Rush, of course, is a long-standing member of Landmark's Board of Advisors, thus making the nomination nothing less than a shocking case of self-indulgence that even trumps anything The Donald has ever done.

Luckily, the Landmark Legal Foundation does not possess nominating rights and so this entire effluvial episode will undoubtedly be shot down in flames. Hand me my Zippo...